Islay Ales, Isle of Islay

Islay Ales is the only brewery on the beautiful Isle of Islay, off the West Coast of Scotland.

Islay Ales is about producing hand crafted, high quality cask and bottle conditioned beers (also known as real ale) to be enjoyed either in a local pub or hotel bar or, should the mood take you, at home.

Islay Ales produces nothing but real, living ales. This real live ale comes in either cask-conditioned or bottle-conditioned form.

Islay Ales produce a range of cask conditioned beers. The beers are neither filtered nor pasteurised and so continue to ferment and mature in the cask and the bottle.

Finlaggan Ale 3.7% ABV
Finlaggan Ale is brewed with pale and crystal malts, giving the beer a mid brown colour. The use of Golding as the bittering hop gives the beer a gentle, rounded bitterness, while Mount Hood and Styrian Goldings hops added towards the end of the boil provides the beer with a fresh, fruity and hoppy flavour.

Black Rock Ale 4.2% ABV
The use of pale and crystal malts and un-malted roasted barley gives a darker, reddish brown hue and adds a softer, nuttier flavour to Black Rock. It also has a full body. Golding is used as the bittering hop. Late hopping with Fuggle and Mount Hood gives a floral, grassy and herbal nose.

Saligo Ale 4.4% ABV (Summer)
Saligo Ale is a drink for the summer. Pale, lager and wheat malts produce a golden coloured beer, reminiscent of sandy beaches and sunshine. While Golding hops give their rounded bitterness, adding Bramling Cross hops as both a flavour and aroma hop give a refreshing and citrusy, lemon and grapefruit nose and taste.

Angus Og Ale 4.5% ABV
Angus Og was brewed for the 2004 Islay Festival of Music and Malt. It proved very popular and may make a special reappearance for the 2005 Festival so watch this space!

Ardnave Ale 4.6% ABV
Ardnave Ale is a dry, thirst quenching, hoppy bitter. Brewed using mainly pale malt, a small amount of crystal malt adds just that little bit of extra character. A high hopping rate, using Golding, Mount Hood, Fuggle and Styrian Goldings give this beer a real thirst quenching dry character.

Dun Hogs Head Ale 4.4% ABV
Dun Hogs Head Ale is a dark, dry stout brewed using pale, crystal, chocolate and wheat malts together with un-malted roasted barley. Golding and Bramling Cross hops are used for the bittering, giving a fruity edge to the dry bitterness that comes from using highly roasted malts. Late additions of Bramling Cross hops to the boil add another dimension to the aroma of the beer.

Nerabus Ale 4.8% ABV (Winter)
Nerabus Ale is our winter warmer; a deep ruby colour brewed with pale, caramalt, dark crystal, chocolate and wheat malt. The hops used are Amarillo from America and Bramling Cross from England. It has a black treacle, spicy flavour balanced by the use of spicy and citrusy hops.

Some breweries produce a cask and bottle conditioned beer using the same name. Sometimes, those two beers might be different versions of the brew. Islay Ales cask and bottle conditioned beers are the same beer.

Draught ales are available from the following places.

Adview Inn, Port Ellen
An Tigh Siense, Portnahaven
Ballygrant Inn, Ballygrant
Lochside Hotel, Bowmore
Port Charlotte Hotel, Port Charlotte

Bottle conditioned ales are available from:

Ardbeg Distillery, The Old Kiln Café
Ballygrant Inn, Ballygrant
Bridgend Hotel, Bridgend
Bruichladdich Mini Market, Bruichladdich
Cottage Restaurant, Bowmore
Croft Kitchen, Port Charlotte
Drome Café, Islay Airport
Grey Gull, Ardrishaig
Harbour Inn, Bowmore
Jura Store, Jura
Lochside Hotel, Bowmore
Port Askaig Hotel, Port Askaig
Port Charlotte Hotel, Port Charlotte
Spar Shop, Bowmore
All of our Ales are available in cask or bottle conditioned forms.
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