Caledonian Brewery

Nothing beats the sights, sounds and smells of the Caledonian in full brew

If you’d like to see our working museum in all its pomp, we’d be delighted to take you round. Our tours begin in the Heritage Centre, which tells the brewery’s story from its Victorian origins to the present day.

From there, hold on to your hard hat – we’re off to see the mash tun, coppers and fermenters. Our knowledgeable guides will talk you through each stage, from the grinding of the malt in the mill to the beer being racked into casks.

And then, the best bit: a tasting session in our wonderful cellar bar.

Making a Booking
All tours must be booked in advance. Our events coordinator Gabriela Pouso would be delighted to talk you through the options and book you in.

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Caledonian Brewery
42 Slateford Road Edinburgh
EH11 1PH
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