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Why the 'Tryst'?
The Tryst (meaning the gathering or meeting place) is an area north of Falkirk where in the past cattle were herded down from north of the central belt before being driven south to market.

Since this is the area the brewery was going to be based the logical name for the brewery was the Tryst Brewery.

Traditional scottish real ales brewed in an area with traditonal roots; the perfect combination to develop our range of cask conditioned real ales and bottle conditioned beers.

The Tryst Brewery is part of a thriving area of Scotland

Nowadays the area still has the remnants of the Tor Wood, which at one time covered most of central Scotland, Tryst Golf Club, Stenhousemuir Football Club, Stenhousemuir Cricket Club and a thriving small business community.

A brand new super hospital is soon to be built in the area to service the central belt and loads and loads of new housing is springing up all around.

Origins of the Tryst Brewery
After a number of years home brewing, experience with the Craft Brewers Association and a spell with a local micro brewery and with the help of redundancy package the Tryst Brewery was about to be born..

On a trip to Manchester the ex Berkley Brewery was bought; consisting of a ten-barrel gas fired Boiler, a Hot Liquor Tank, Two Fermenting Vessels, Conditioning tanks, pump, loads of pipe work and spent a few months putting it together and upgrading both it and a small industrial unit in Larbert rented from Lite Engineering Co Ltd.

In 2003 the Tryst Brewery started brewing its now award winning range of real ales and beers and continues to grow in 'strength'.
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