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Welcome to the Plockton Brewery. Video is of the opening in 2007.

A number of new beers have hit the pubs over the past couple of years: "Hitched" was first produced for the wedding of Alasdair and Alex last year and was my first serious foray into the art of producing a truly hoppy beer. Earlier this year, "Fiddler's Fancy", also first produced for a wedding, took the hoppy concept even further. I am grateful to John McGarva at Tryst Brewery, a true hop expert, for his wise counsel when I was producing the recipe, even though he recommended a hop which can longer be obtained for love or money!

The first brew of "Ciste Dubh", a darker and less hoppy beer, is due in the next day or so and the recipe is based on that for "Stretcher Case", a bottled beer commissioned for the Kintail Mountain Rescue Team.

There are plans afoot to install a 50 litre plant which will be used purely to meet the bottled beer market. At the moment the main plant cannot really spare any beer for bottling: the cask requirement is too great. Bottled beer, when I can produce it, is available at the Plockton Stores, the Scottish Real Ale Shop at the Lade Inn, the Haven Hotel and, most recently, Kintail Lodge Hotel.

If you are visiting Plockton, please pop in to see the Brewery (sited behind the Primary School) - I am there most days!
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