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The building was originally the coachhouse & stables for the Pitlochry to Kirkmichael coach service, the roofspace being 'lads' accommodation. In more recent years it had been a cattle byre and then became the dump for old hotel furniture & fittings.

The present owners had seen successful pub breweries in England and with the thought of the Moulin Inns past history, where did it get its drinks from in 1695 ??, there must have been a local brewhouse in operation - it seemed fitting that we celebrate the pubs 300th anniversary by starting to brew at home again.

Moulin was one of the first microbreweries in Scotland , now there are in excess of 10; it is also a very popular concept in the United States .

We had no brewing expertise, but we hired a consultancy company who fitted the equipment and procured a number of sample recipes, based on our then existing knowledge of the various real ales sold in the pub. The Scots seemed to like slightly sweeter ale, also a little darker than the norm.

Our first two brews, A & B, were tried out in the pub at 50p per pint, very successful they were too, the darker one was chosen, to be served alongside our regular ales like Marstons Pedigree, Tetleys and Old Speckled Hen.
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