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Innis & Gunn launch Winter Treacle Porter

This is the first time we have brewed and oak matured a Porter, which has been imparted with great depth of flavour thanks to the addition of some roasted wheat, crystal malt and treacle (molasses).

These flavour packed ingredients, along with our signature approach to long, slow oak maturation have created a sublime beer that is perfect for cold, dark winter nights.

The inspiration:

A Scots Cellar, by F.Marion McNeill

Dougal Sharp, Master Brewer, was reading this celebrated book on the history and tradition of beer and spirits in Scotland, and came across a traditional Scottish brewing recipe which incorporates treacle as part of the brewing process.

Not only was treacle used to give depth and sweetness to ales 100 years ago, but it was also used to give beers greater viscosity and greater weight in the mouth. This is what we wanted to recreate with our winter Treacle Porter.

In the USA this product is called Winter Beer 2012.
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