CAMRA - Campaign for Real Ale
CAMRA campaigns for real ale, real pubs and consumer rights. We are an independent, voluntary organisation with over 100,000 members and have been described as the most successful consumer group in Europe.

CAMRA promotes good-quality real ale and pubs, as well as acting as the consumer's champion in relation to the UK and European beer and drinks industry. We aim to:

Protect and improve consumer rights
Promote quality, choice and value for money.

Support the public house as a focus of community life.

Campaign for greater appreciation of traditional beers, ciders and perries as part of our national heritage and culture.

Seek improvements in all licensed premises and throughout the brewing industry.

Why not join us today if you care about great quality real ale and pubs?

What is real ale?

In the early 1970s CAMRA coined the term ‘real ale' to make it easy for people to differentiate between the bland processed beers being pushed by the big brewers and the traditional beers whose very existence was under threat.

Many pubs and brewers use the term to describe their beers, but, just to keep you confused, they are also called cask beers, cask-conditioned ales or even real beer! In the pub the huge majority of real ales are served using traditional hand-pulls, rather than through modern fonts, but there are some exceptions to this, so if in any doubt, just ask.
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