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Tempest Brew Co was formed in 2010 by chef and publican Gavin Meiklejohn. We firstly wanted to produce interesting beers for our freehouse pub and restaurant and so a small 800 litre brewhouse was constructed from used, new and re-fabricated equipment. We had a big mash tun that could handle higher gravity brews but it soon became clear that 800L of beer wasn’t going to be enough. So we cut, welded, re-piped and polished the rest of the brewhouse into a 1600L brewlength and increased our fermenting capacity to give us the space to brew more beer…Our start-up brewery was never state of the art, but it has plenty of character and it’s been designed by us to make our beer in our own unique way.

In 2011 Allan Rice joined the team as business development manager shortly followed by Finnish brewer Marko Karjalainen. Everyone who is involved with our business has a passion for small batch big flavour beers and with the right people on board we were able to increase production and distribution of our unique beers.

In our short history we have gained recognition for our approach to cutting edge brewing, We are not influenced by the latest industry trends, we simply brew beers that we like to drink packaging our flavour forward products in cask, keg and bottle.

The hard work is only beginning as we are in the process of moving to a new brewhouse and production facility so that we can have space to barrel age, maintain an extended range of permanent beers, seasonal and ever more special projects.
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