Loch Ness Brewery

Our Story...
We are just 3 ordinary guys with an extraordinary passion for beer.

Originally designed to brew a local beer for our pub at the Benleva Hotel, it became apparent that if we got the brews right, then others would want to try them.

With a great core range of beers offering something for everyone we are always looking to try something different from time to time and know that you the discerning beer drinker will tell us when we get it right as well as wrong.

We don't pretend to do anything unique - not sure how many ways there are to bring water, barley and hops together anyway? Nor will we tell you our beer is the best and other beer is bad.

We are however passionate about what we do and love what others do and hope that this will show in the beers.

Thanks for visiting and may your next pint be a Loch Ness Brewery pint.
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Loch Ness Brewery
at The Benleva Hotel,
IV63 6UH
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